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Ecology: a branch of science concerned with the relationships between organisms and their environment.

Sustainability: to provide with nourishment.

SustainableABC.com is a web site devoted to exploring the relationship between ecology and sustainability, and how we can apply these values to our daily lives. It is our goal to nourish and strengthen ecologically oriented design, construction and lifestyle choices.

SustainableABC is devoted to:
  • Developing a community of eco-conscious citizens;
  • Building bridges between the public and professionals in the fields of sustainable construction, architecture and environmental protection (eco-professionals); and
  • Developing tools for eco professionals to network with each other.

We want to enlighten and educate ourselves and others about the products we use to build, clean and maintain our homes and work places, and provide resources and referrals to assist others in making eco-conscious lifestyle choices.

SustainableABC.com also serves the increasingly large community of people who have multiple chemical sensitivities. Up to 30% of our population is now affected by some degree of environmental sensitivity, and it is our goal to assist the environmentally sensitive community through resources and education.

We are dedicated to remaining mindful of our communities, the land and our Mother Earth. The architects, builders, permaculturists, interior designers, solar engineers, air quality experts and other eco-professionals who are listed on this site all have one thing in common: concern for the state of our earth, and the desire to share their experience with a focus on sustainability and taking care of our fragile planet.

SustainableABC.com has been in existence since 1996, and many people have benefited from this site over the years. The site has been recently remodeled to be the clearinghouse for sustainable architecture, building and culture.

Your host is Roy Prince, Architect

P.O. Box 30085, Santa Barbara, CA 93130, USA


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