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A Center for Innovation in Design and Education
Evening and Saturday courses in:
Ecological Design, Nature-Based Architecture and Visionary Creativity.
A new kind of school for Architecture and Ecological Design. The most creative architectural faculty and guest faculty in the world. A very supportive environment for learning and exploration. Total creative freedom.

Biomimicry and Architecture
Can you imagine asking a ground squirrel for advice on the optimal thickness of adobe walls?  Can you envision consulting a lotus leaf for guidance on how to make a surface that is completely self-cleaning?

BIOMIMICRY is the art of looking to nature for inspiration in solving human design challenges.  Nature has developed incredibly graceful and effective solutions in response to all manner of design constraints and demands.

Ecosa Institute
A select group of design students will begin a sixteen week total immersion program in sustainable design. They will dialog with internationally recognized leaders in the field, visit ancient and modern sites throughout the Southwest and learn the latest information in this fast changing field. They will live and work in one of the worlds most recognized examples of sustainable thinking - Arcosanti, Arizona - immersed in the natural environment and current ideas in sustainability. Throughout this semester students will be challenged to be innovative, creative and produce a body of work that will demonstrate their grasp of the issues. Students completing this program will have a valuable new skill that is increasingly in demand. Major business and government are seeking designers who are environmentally literate. You could be one of these designers.

The NewSchool of Architecture & Design
The mission of the college is to nurture and develop technically competent, aesthetically sensitive, socially responsible professionals for a changing, global society.
NewSchool is an intimate, professional college of architecture located in the heart of downtown San Diego. Working and mid-career students have the opportunity to study because most courses are offered during the evenings and weekends.

Crystal Waters College
Crystal Waters College is based at Crystal Waters Permaculture Village - a leading-edge centre for sustainability. This village, established in 1989, is home to 200 permanent residents and abundant wildlife.
Attending a residential course at Crystal Waters will allow you to experience a sense of community and a connectedness with the natural environment. It is one of the first villages in the world designed using the principles of Permaculture and offers guidance for future planning and design of sustainable human settlements.

Vitra Design Museum
Offers interdisciplinary summer workshops. The one week courses will be run by internationally renowned designers, architects and artists. The courses will take place at Domaine de Boisbuchet, an idyllic country estate in the Southwest of France.

Schumacher College
Schumacher College is an international centre for ecological studies based in the beautiful Devonshire countryside of south-west England. The College welcomes participants aged 20 to 80 from all over the world.

Sustainability Consciousness
A conference held at the Esalen Institute in 1995. Interesting comments by the participants.

FutureWeb: The UHCL Studies of the Future Page
M.S. Program in Studies of the Future

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