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works to end deforestation, preserve old-growth forests, conserve and sustainably manage other forests, conserve water and climatic systems and commence the age of ecological restoration.
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Israeli Palestinian Jordanian Collaboration
The Middle East, located at the juncture of three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa, makes it a region second to none in the world for tracking, research and study of the phenomenon of bird migration. The Middle East is a “bottle neck” for the migration from Europe and to Africa and back. More than 500 million birds pass over the Middle East twice a year in the autumn and spring migration.


The Middle East is famous throughout the world for continuous warfare since the dawning of history. It has been decided to utilize the bird migration as a perfect vehicle for cooperation between nations in the region, and to emphasize joint educational endeavors for students in Palestinian, Jordanian and Israeli schools under the heading "Migrating Birds Know No Boundaries".

The Americans Government through USAID-MERC has funded this innovative project which combines education, research and environmental protection using the migrating birds as a bridge between the peoples of the area. The project is lead by 3 organizations: The International Center for the Study of Bird Migration at Latrun, established by the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI) together with Tel Aviv University; the Palestinian Wildlife Society (PWLS) in the Palestinian Authority; and the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) in Jordan.

The Educational Program

The educational program combines class work, using the internet site, and field tours. The program enables the students to study about the phenomenon of migration, both from the academic aspect, based on the updated information on the internet site and from the experiential aspect based on field tours to bird nests which emphasize environmental protection. The fieldwork allows the students, who communicate via the internet, to meet face to face with their compatriots during the joint field work.

The study program is multi-disciplinary combining biology, geography, meteorology, internet use and research tools. The children from the Middle East will communicate via the internet with children living along the migration route, children from the countries of the breeding grounds in Europe and Asia and children from the countries where the birds winter in Africa. In addition, a joint program will be developed for children in the Middle East and children in North America.

Satellite linked transmitters

With the aid of satellite linked transmitters attached to a bird, we are able to track migrating birds (storks, pelicans, eagles), wintering birds (cranes) and resident birds (vultures). These transmitters provide real- time information, which is received from the Argos Satellite, every 90 minutes, about the position of the bird at every point on the globe.

Video cameras in real time

With the aid of a miniature video camera, which was affixed to a nest of Lesser Kestrels in Jerusalem, it is possible to follow in real-time, using the internet site, the life of the pair during their breeding cycle 24 hours a day. In the future, cameras will be place in the wintering sites of the cranes, in the roosting sites of the migrating storks and pelicans and at the feeding stations and nesting sites of the Griffon vultures.

Ringing of migrating birds

The Jerusalem Bird Observatory which is located in the Rose Garden of Israel’s Parliament is apparently the first ringing station in the world placed on property of a Parliament building. The ringing station serves as a base for joint educational activities for Palestinian and Israeli schoolchildren. In the Spring of 2000, the first Palestinian ringing station was established in Talita Kumi, Beit Jalla, Palestinian Authority, in the future an additional ringing station will be established in the Azrak Nature Reserve in Jordan.

Study of night migration

Research of the night migration of birds in our region has been carried out for the first time through tracking systems, which record the calls of birds migrating at night combined with radar. Recording stations, which are equipped with highly sensitive microphones have been placed in Beit Jalla, Latrun and will shortly be situated in Amman. This research is being done in cooperation with the acoustic laboratory at Cornell University in the United States.

The International Center for the Study of Bird Migration
Israel's unique location at the junction of three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa, makes it a site for an extraordinary phenomena: some 500 million migrating birds cross its skies twice a year.
You can obtain real time information through birds fitted with satellite transmitters, Pictures from Latrun Radar, On-Line Camera in nests, The annual Autumn soaring bird migration survey, Ringing Stations and more.

Palestine Wildlife Society (PWLS)
Palestine Wildlife Society (PWLS) was founded in 1999 in Beit Sahour- Bethlehem District by 13 trained and experienced environmentalists from across Palestine. PWLS's scope of work covers the West Bank and Gaza with a multidimensional mission aiming at the conservation and enhancement of the biodiversity and wildlife in Palestine; Moreover, Palestine is known for its location between the three main continents, Africa, Asia and Europe, where there had been estimated around 520 species of Birds and 2700 species of Plants occurring in this area, hence it considered as a major and important grassroots for Migratory birds like Storks, Pelicans and raptors (Such as Lesser Kestrel, Honey Buzzard, Lesser Spotted Eagle, and Egyptian Vulture) that use the Jordan Valley- Jericho; Jerusalem Mountains routes. It also corresponds with the criteria of Important Birds Areas (IBA's) in Palestine in which Jericho has a great importance as one of the major pathways during migration times as well as an important spot for resident and breeding birds.

Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN)
RSCN seeks to conserve wildlife and wildlife habitats and integrate conservation with economic development, while promoting wider public support for the protection of the natural environment.

The RSCN is an independent voluntary organization devoted to the conservation of natural resources in Jordan under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Noor.

The RSCN was created in 1966 with His Majesty the late King Hussein as Honorary President. The society has been given responsibility by the Government of Jordan for protecting the country’s wildlife and wild places. It is one of the few voluntary organizations in the Middle East which has been given such a public service mandate.

As a result of its pioneering conservation work, the RSCN has achieved international recognition and acclaim.

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