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"The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings."
Masanobu Fukuoka

Seed International: Sustainable Education and Ecological Design
SEED International has assisted individuals, businesses, community-based organisations, and local and regional governments in over 15 countries, and offers a range of Ecoliteracy and Ecodesign Consultancy services.
We are available to facilitate the courses and workshops listed in this website in your region or country, and develop a program that meets the specific needs of your organisation and students.

Morag Gamble and Evan Raymond, are international Permaculture teachers and eco-designers and are Directors of SEED International, an innovative environmental design and education organisation. The aim of SEED International is to contribute to the emergence of an ecological and sustainable future through ecoliteracy and ecodesign. Morag and Evan have 20 years combined experience in this field. Their personal commitment to environmental and social ethics, and positive sustainable change, is reflected in their work and life.

Morag and Evan's key areas of expertise are: Permaculture, Community Food Systems, Sustainable Community Development, Integrated Ecological Education (ecoliteracy), Ecological System Design, Environmental Planning and Assessment, Sustainable Land Management They teach and consult around the world - in Europe, USA, Asia and Australia.

Morag and Evan work closely with Permaculture and sustainability networks throughout the Asia-Pacific region and internationally. Morag and Evan actively help to raise awareness about, understanding of and commitment to sustainability - ecological, agricultural, social, cultural and economic. They have worked with women, farmers, NGOs, local government representatives, businesses and individuals. Their aim is to assist communities develop appropriate strategies, skills and tools to work effectively towards ecological sustainability and positive change.

Santa Barbara Permaculture Network

Pun Pun Permaculture Farm and Project - Thailand
Pun Pun is an organic farm, seed-saving operation, and sustainable living and learning center located in Thailand. We feel that only by living in a sustainable way ourselves, is it possible for us to create a model from which others can learn and live. Through natural cultivation on our organic farm we display ways of transitioning to, and living more sustainably. Through the living and learning center we experiment with appropriate technologies, organic farming, and natural building techniques. We discover the practices that work well for people and are practical. We then spread this knowledge to those individuals and networks that will put it to use. Through our seed-saving operation we seek to bring back indigenous and rare species of all kinds of vegetables, fruits, and medicinal herbs. We propagate them at the farm and then exchange them for greater use amongst farmers and other interested people, thus empowering and improving the health of the general public.

Crystal Waters Permaulture EcoVillage
Crystal Waters Permaculture Village is a socially and environmentally responsible, economically viable rural subdivision north of Brisbane (Australia), Crystal Waters was established in 1987. It received the 1996 World Habitat Award (assessed by Dr Wally N’Dow) for its "pioneering work in demonstrating new ways of low impact, sustainable living".

Crystal Waters College
Crystal Waters College is based at Crystal Waters Permaculture Village - a leading-edge centre for sustainability. This village, established in 1989, is home to 200 permanent residents and abundant wildlife.
Attending a residential course at Crystal Waters will allow you to experience a sense of community and a connectedness with the natural environment. It is one of the first villages in the world designed using the principles of Permaculture and offers guidance for future planning and design of sustainable human settlements.

Berg-en-Dal - Eco Village Permaculture Project in South Africa
As an educational eco-village, we at Berg-en-Dal aim to demonstrate that in a dry and developing country like South Africa, permaculture could go a long way to uplifting rural communities and dealing with the dry terrains that characterise our continent.
We welcome visitors to our farm, be they tourists or individuals who hope to come and learn about permaculture and sustainable lifestyles or to become involved as WWOOFers.

Permaculture Institute of Northern California
The Permaculture Institute of Northern California (PINC) is an educational organization providing courses and workshops that enable people to develop the skills necessary to live a more sustainable life on the planet.
PINC is located in a developing permaculture garden in the Tomales Bay watershed, on the Point Reyes Seashore, in Northern California. The garden includes examples of straw bale and cob construction, a grey water system, chicken tractors, ducks, rainwater catchment systems, solar dryer, herb spiral, earthen wood-fired oven, food forest, ponds and waterfalls.

Cross Timbers Permaculture Institute

Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas (ATTRA)
Introduction to Permaculture: Concepts and Resources

Permaculture Resources at CSF

Openair-Market Net: Farmers' Markets, Street Vendors, Flea Markets and Street Markets

The Permaculture Activist
The Permaculture Activist was born July 1985 and in 1998 celebrates its 13th year of promoting the design of sustainable community.

Permaculture International Journal
Sustainable agriculture -- Alternative energy -- Ethical investment -- organic gardening -- whole farm planning -- bioregionalism -- ecology -- eco-villages -- positive solutions -- appropriate technology ... plus much much more.

Sustainable Farming Connection

Permaculture the Earth
Scientific research has demonstrated that ecological stability is achieved through biological diversity, and no single organism is responsible for that stability. Permaculture research reveals that this stability is achieved only through a complex network of connections..."functional connections" between elements in the total system. The more functional connections a system has, the more sustainable it becomes.

Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association (BDA) Home Page
Based on a series of lectures given by Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner in 1924, Biodynamics is a method of agriculture which seeks to actively work with the health-giving forces of nature. It is the oldest non-chemical agricultural movement, predating the organic agriculture movement by some 20 years and has now spread throughout the world.

Regenesis Group
New Mexico

Permaculture Institute
New Mexico

Biodynamic AgriCulture Australia Homepage

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