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ChangeMakers.net Web guide to the rapidly growing profession of social entrepreneurship. Changemakers.net provides resources, inspiring ideas and opportunities for social entrepreneurs and those interested in learning more about innovative social change.

LEED Green Building Rating System
The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System™ is a voluntary, consensus-based national standard for developing high-performance, sustainable buildings. Members of the U.S. Green Building Council representing all segments of the building industry developed LEED and continue to contribute to its evolution.

Database Resources
Links to databases of interest to environmental professionals.

Where you can take action to reduce your impact on global warming. Browse the options below to learn more about climate change, and how you can reduce your carbon dioxide emissions. Or learn about the latest science and policy news, and more...

NetWorks' Productions
Creating and disseminating media to help regenerate the earth. Home of "The Last Straw" and "Natural Building Colloquium ". Of note is a fine article by Joseph F. Kennedy; "An Overview of Natural Building Techniques".

ECO HOME Network
Eco-HomeT is an on-going living research center that demonstrates ecological living in an urban environment. The Eco-HomeTis a restored and retrofitted California style bungalow, circa 1911 that shows us how simple but wise property improvements can make your home warm, friendly yet environmentally sound and healthy.

Rain Forest Information Center
Rainforests are the womb of life, home to over half the Earth's species We are a volunteer, non-profit organisation dedicated to protecting them.

Sustainable Building Sourcebook
A powerful contentful resource.

Arcology is a term coined by Paolo Soleri to describe the concept of architecture and ecology working as an integral process to produce new urban habitats. We suggest you to Cosanti in Scotsdale. Here you will find the splendid organic core of Soleri's work.

Context Institute
Your gateway to a positive future!

Critical Mass Energy Project

The Consumer Recycling Resources Guide

Earth Island
An Innovative Network of Diverse Environmental Projects.

EcoNet serves organizations and individuals working for environmental preservation and sustainability.

Solar Bank
SolarBank International Fund is being planned as a global capital fund for the financing of the end-use markets for solar energy.

We are EcoTopia: We believe people want a healthy planet. It is our goal to help facilitate the exchange of as much knowledge as possible towards this beginning. At EcoTopia, we provide information and offer technology solutions in areas such as solar energy, electric vehicles, eco-tourism and much more. Information is offered in categories ranging from issues with worldwide impact to solutions for your own backyard. We look forward to being here for you.

Sustainable Resources on the Internet
Michael Younts' excellent list of links.

The Ecological Paradigm in Architecture

Eco Arch

Openair-Market Net: Farmers' Markets, Street Vendors, Flea Markets and Street Markets

RRI: Resource Renewal Institute

Sustainable Building Sources
The purpose of Sustainable Sources is to provide a solutions-based environmental site. Many of us already recognize that there are problems with our culture's present patterns of living, and don't want to spend our time trying to directly stop other people from being stupid. We feel that it is more effective to come up with demonstrable solutions, and present them in such a way that they are seen by the general public as rational, or even inevitable, alternatives.
An excellent web offering by Bill Christensen.

The Progressive Directory @igc

International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives
If you move your community you can move the world!

Whole Systems
"The essential new quality implied by the quantum theory is... that a system cannot be analyzed into parts. This leads to the radically new notion of unbroken wholeness of the entire universe. You cannot take it apart. For if you do, what you end up with is not contained within the original whole. It is created by the act of analysis." - David Bohm -

World Population
Dynamic World Population Counter.

World Transformation
The overall theme here is to make the world a better place, to see things in a positive light, to stand up for one's rights, to pursue self-improvement and greater freedom, to have fun and to learn new things about life, the universe and everything.

University of Windsor: Environmentally Conscious Desigh and Manufacturing Lab

Stewart Brand


HUD Home Page

IRC Information Service

The New Civilization
The game of the new civilization is about creating a new civilization that works better.

The International Academy at Santa Barbara (IASB)
is a nonprofit educational institution established in 1960 to improve understanding of issues affecting life on our planet. Its special focus is on providing access to information that will help decision-makers concerned with the environment and with international issues.

Jade Mountain
Appropriate Technology for a Sustainable World

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