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The Cost of Car Ownership
While owning your own car can provide a sense of freedom and mobility—this mobility comes at a high price for individuals and the region as a whole.
According to the Automobile Club of Southern California, the average annual cost of driving a new car in Southern California was almost $8000 a year in 2001. Individuals who own their cars outright and don’t face a loan or lease payment each month still incur annual expenses of over $4000 a year for the privilege of driving. These costs include monthly financing or lease payments, auto insurance, license fees and taxes, maintenance costs and fuel.

Chainguard-Online: Bicycle Advocacy

Matt's Solar Car Page

CALSTART Information Interchange: Electric Cars

Advanced Transit Association
The Advanced Transit Association (ATRA) was established in 1976 to focus attention on unmet urban transportation needs and the ways in which advanced transit concepts can help satisfy them. A number of exciting transit technologies have been developed that will offer high levels of transit service and contribute to economic prosperity. ATRA is pleased to present these pages as an introduction to tomorrow's transit technologies.

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